Bobbie Ferraro has been training horses (big and small) for over 20 years. She as shown and won many national championships in a variety of classes. She is descriptive and easy to learn from. She has a wonderful way with horses and passes that on to you in these great DVD’s. Bobbie works by herself in all five of these DVD’s so that you can see how it is possible to train your mini by yourself.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these DVD’s call meĀ 936-825-3410 or 936-870-8319

All the DVD’s show you from the start to finish and are very easy to understand.

DVD IStarting your Horse or Pony in the Harness – teaches you the basics to making your horse into a good safe driving horse. Proper way to lunge and ground drive your horse in a round pen. Free working your horse with voice commands. Correctly harnessing for ground driving. Adjusting your harness to your horse.

DVD IIIntroducing your Horse or Pony to the Cart – proper long reining and ground driving in all of the gaits. Introducing your horse to the cart. Properly fitting your harness to the horse and your cart. Ground driving with the cart. Driving with you in the cart through all of the gaits. Talking with horse. Proper utilization of the whip.

DVD IIIFinishing the Driving Horse or Pony – finishing your horse for show ring. This complete DVD is done in the cart. Proper way to use your hands and arms. Working on the rail in a straight line, reversing and reversing to the diagonal, extented trot. Use of cones to make your horse flex. She works through potential problems and situations in detail.

Driving ObstacleBobbie takes a well trained driving horse and explains in detail the obstacles. You must understand the obstacles before you can teach them to your horse. She covers a wide range of obstacles including: backing into the U, pivoting in a hoop. wheels inline, straddle poles, tarps, cones and driving over boards. Each obstacle is explained and demonstrated.

Halter ObstacleBobbie utilizes a well broke halter horse that has already been taught to respond to your commands. You must understand the obstacle before you can teach your horse. Proper fit and proper equipment is a must to train a horse to become a safe and comfortable obstacle horse that moves at the proper speed. She covers side passing in depth both with and without a horse. Obstacles covered: pivoting, pivoting in a hoop, pivoting in a box, walking over poles, tarps, backing through obstacles, teeter totter, cones, ground tying and side passing over a poll and with front legs on board.